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Other worthwhile crowdfunding campaigns


Since Myrskyn sankarit was featured on the IndieGoGo home page I’ve had to delete lots of spam from other campaigners. These include campaigns for helping somebody develop their singing so they can make it in the industry, redesigning a tech news website, buying a new gaming PC for some dude so he can start making videos, getting a new house for an old man, and making a documentary about the history of the UK game industry.

Apart from the documentary From Bedrooms to Billions which was a success, none of the others seem to have any hope of making it.

The weirdest one was this:

”I need help trying to raise some funds to do the same thing the family of the great individual in Kentucky (Aaron Collins) who’s dying wish was to leave big tips ($500.00).” This guy wants your money so they can tip more. So far he’s raised 0$. He’s regularly updating his campaign with messages like this: ” I just don’t understand why is it that I haven’t received any donations yet???? It is frustrating but I have a goal and i will succeed.”

That said, there’s lots of great IndieGoGo campaigns out there that truly are collecting money for a good purpose. Here’s some that I’ve come across:

Fund for Chinese LGBTQ rights activists.

Homes for Arctic animals.

Art project for Palestinian kids.

Website to stop bullying with boys.

Homes for Kenyan orphans.

Once you’ve donated for Myrskyn sankarit, consider some of these others, as well!

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