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Photos from the Age of the Tempest soft launch


Last week we launched Age of the Tempest – Sword of the High King for friends and backers. We also published the first supplement, Ville Vuorela’s adventure The Cursed Cauldron.


Mike Pohjola presenting Age of the Tempest. The podium says ”Pro Arte Utili,” meaning ”For Useful Art.”


Brochures on the game were given to all participants.

The event consisted of socializing, drinks and snacks, a presentation, and of course plenty of games fresh from the print! The launch was held on the top floor of Aalto University Department of Art, Design and Architecture, and was followed by Nordic Larp Talks, the TED Talks of larp. Mike Pohjola’s Age of the Tempest presentation was filmed, and is being edited right now, and we will have it online later on for those of you who couldn’t be there in the flesh.

Many backers were there, and received their games, posters, shirts, and whatever else they were promised. Still many are missing, and we will contact those of you about whether you want to pay for the postage or meet us somewhere else.

Spread the good word! Hashtag #ageofthetempest


Swedish journalist and Nordic Larp Talks host Johanna Koljonen examining one of the Finnish language supplements to Age of the Tempest.


Before we chose the name Age of the Tempest, we made a small print run with the previous title Heroes of the Storm. They’re now a collectors’ item.


Our graphic designer Tommi Kovala, journalist Jussi Ahlroth and artist Petri Hiltunen have fun with the Pop-A-Matic d20 die. Between Tommi and Jussi, The Cursed Cauldron author Ville Vuorela observes the events with suspicion.




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